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Development Status of Portable Spectrometer

Nov. 18, 2020

The spectrometer is a scientific instrument that can decompose complex light into spectral lines. Spectrometers can detect which elements are contained in items by capturing and analyzing optical information, so they are widely used in environmental testing, food testing, drug testing, semiconductor industry, agriculture and other fields.

There are many types of spectrometers, in addition to atomic absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, photoelectric direct reading spectroscopy, visible spectrophotometers and other spectra used in visible light waves, infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet spectroscopy, and so on. Among them, the near-infrared spectrometer, as an effective analytical method, has been recognized and favored as early as the last century because of its fast and efficient, accurate results, convenient use, no damage to samples, no consumption of chemical reagents, and no environmental pollution. With the advancement of optical technology, electronic technology, computer, software and other technologies, the performance of near-infrared spectrometers has also improved, the technology has matured, and its application fields have been continuously expanded, and it has shown itself in field analysis and online quality monitoring. 

In addition, with the development of my country's economy and the improvement of scientific research technology, the water quality of spectrometer technology is also increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye. In addition, in recent years, the requirements in many fields such as food inspection and environmental supervision have become higher and higher, which has also promoted the increase in demand for spectrometers. These reasons have led to the continuous growth of my country's spectrometer industry.

According to reliable data, in 2017, the total import and export volume of China's spectrometer industry was US$717 million, of which imports were US$624 million, exports were US$93 million, and the trade deficit was US$531 million. In 2018, the total import and export volume reached US$836 million, and the trade deficit widened to US$632 million. From January to April 2019, the total import and export volume of industry products reached US$243 million, of which imports were US$209 million, exports were US$34 million, and the trade deficit was US$175 million.

Portable Spectrometer

It can be seen from the above data that although the overall technological level of spectrometers has improved in recent years, and the market scale has also continued to expand, due to the late start of Chinese spectrometers, the field of high-end products still lags behind foreign countries. But it is believed that in the future, with the further expansion of the application field and the deepening of the application, the market scale of the Chinese spectrometer industry will still maintain a steady expansion trend. So do you know the development status of portable spectrometers?

It is reported that portable spectrometers are ideal testing equipment in many fields. my country has successfully mastered the design and production technology of portable spectrometers. In 2019, the market size of the industry exceeded US$4.9 billion, with a growth rate of 0.29%. The following is an analysis of the current status of the portable spectrometer industry .

Portable spectrometer can be divided into: absorption spectrum (ultraviolet absorption, visible absorption, ultraviolet visible absorption, gas phase molecular absorption, infrared absorption, atomic absorption, etc.), emission spectrum (fluorescence, Raman, microwave plasma, etc.), optical rotation spectrum, etc. Due to the relatively late start of the portable spectrometer industry in my country, the import of high-end products is highly dependent, and they are mainly imported from the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries; the low-end products are mostly exported, mainly exported to the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, and the United Kingdom And other developed countries and regions. From the perspective of import and export value, my country's portable spectrometer industry as a whole is in a state of trade deficit.

At present, the consumption area of portable spectrometers in my country is mainly concentrated in the economically developed areas in the east. With the continuous increase in the popularity of portable spectrometers, the central and western regions have become the fastest growing regions for portable spectrometers in China. The regional distribution of the portable spectrometer industry in my country in 2019 is as follows, East China accounts for The ratio is 22.40%, followed by North China, which accounts for 18.50%.

Entering 2020, the field of instrument applications will continue to expand, 5G will be further expanded, and the era of Internet of Everything will deepen. As one of the representatives of the high-tech field, spectroscopy will surely accept the baptism of the new era and continue to move towards personalization, compactness, portability, and intelligence. 2020-2025 China's portable spectrometer industry special survey and investment prospects survey research analysis report pointed out that for enterprises, brand building means high added value, high profits and high market share. Therefore, in the future, continuing to build the brand and condense a strong appeal is a key step in the development of domestic spectrum.

In the future, I believe that with the increase of my country's scientific research, my country's spectrometer will gradually replace imports in the field of high-end products, opening up a good development channel for my country's spectrometer enterprises.

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