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New Food Non-Thermal Sterilization Technology

Jul. 27, 2020

Ultra High Hydrostatic Pressure (UHHP, HHP)

Ultra-high pressure sterilization technology is to put packaged or bulk food materials into an ultra-high pressure device. The pressure medium (water or mineral oil, etc.) is used as the pressure transmission medium, and the ultra-high static pressure of 100-1000MPa is applied, and the pressure is maintained at room temperature or lower temperature for a certain period of time to achieve the purpose of sterilization. The basic principle is the lethal effect of stress on microorganisms. High pressure causes many changes in the physical form, genetic mechanism, biochemical reaction and cell wall membrane of microorganisms, which affects the original physiological activities of microorganisms. Even the original function is destroyed or irreversible changes occur. The scope of ultra-high pressure treatment only affects the non-covalent bonding in the three-dimensional structure of biopolymers. Therefore, it has no effect on the nutrition and flavor substances such as vitamins in the food, and maintains its original nutrients to the greatest extent, and is easily digested and absorbed by the human body: and it will eliminate the formation or destruction of covalent bonds caused by traditional thermal processing. Discoloration, yellowing, and unpleasant ignorance during heating, such as heat and odor. The ultra-high pressure treatment process is a pure physical process, instant compression, uniform effect, safe and hygienic operation, no industrial "three wastes", low energy consumption, and is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment and the promotion of sustainable development strategies. Therefore, as a non-thermal sterilization technology. Because of its unique and novel method, simple and easy operation, it is a technology with good application prospects. Our company provides food safety sterilization equipment.

Food Safety Sterilization Equipment

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF)

It is a method of applying instantaneous high-intensity pulsed electric field to liquid food in a special processing chamber to kill the microorganisms in it. Generally, the electric field intensity is 10-50kV/cm, the pulse width is within 100μs, and the pulse frequency is within several thousand Hz. Its high field strength can directly kill microorganisms, and its narrow pulse and low frequency ensure that the temperature of the food is very small and there are very few electrochemical reactions, thereby ensuring the food's natural flavor and nutrients to the greatest extent.

Oscillating Magnetic Fields (OFM)

Static magnetic field (SMF) and oscillating magnetic field (OMF) can kill microorganisms. The strength of the stationary magnetic field does not change with time, and the strength of the magnetic field is the same in all directions. The oscillating magnetic field acts in the form of pulses, each pulse changes direction, and the magnetic field strength decays to 10% of the initial value over time.

The mechanism of magnetic field killing microorganisms is generally considered to be the strong current generated by the magnetic field. On the one hand, it interferes with the charge distribution of the cell membrane of the microorganisms, and then affects the entry and exit of the cell. On the other hand, it ionizes the substance and water in the cell to produce superoxide, thereby causing protein And enzyme denaturation, and ultimately destroy the cell structure. The magnetic flux density for killing microorganisms with an oscillating magnetic field is 5-50T, and the pulse duration is between 10μs and several milliseconds. The maximum frequency does not exceed 500MHz, because the temperature rises above this value and starts to become significant.

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