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Principle of X-Ray Foreign Object Detection Equipment

Oct. 13, 2020

The X-ray foreign object detection equipment can detect the metal foreign object mixed in the product and the dense non-metal foreign object. It is the penetrating ability of generating X-rays and applying X-rays through the equipment, and detecting the metal foreign object mixed in the product and the density Large non-metallic foreign objects, etc. In addition, the X-ray foreign object inspection machine can also perform product missing inspection, damaged packaging inspection, and weight inspection.

X-ray foreign object detection machine principle

It mainly uses the penetrability of X-rays, integrates photoelectric technology, integrates computer, digital signal processing and other technologies to distinguish, extract, and distinguish image information through vision and pattern recognition, and finally realize foreign object processing.


X-ray foreign object inspection machine use

With the penetrating power of X-rays, hard foreign bodies such as bones and plastics to various metal foreign bodies can be detected with higher sensitivity and stability, helping you to more effectively improve the quality of finished products. Not only can detect foreign objects in foods (such as various meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate, etc.), including metals, glass, ceramics, stones, bones, plastics, etc.; it can also identify product defects , Such as packaging cracks, bubbles, content defects, etc.; to achieve complete product inspection. Widely used in food industry; pharmaceutical industry; textile industry, integrated circuit board and other industrial industries. Quality control in the food industry meets HACCP and IFS certification requirements. Identify product defects, such as product damage, product deformation or product missing, and eliminate product quality risks.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for the quality and safety of food and industrial products used daily, and the country has accordingly formulated strict safety inspection regulations and regulations. In order to better meet the relevant needs and improve the detection level, the X-ray foreign object detection machine has also developed from the original single-view detection technology to a new multi-view detection technology, so as to provide more choices for customers with different needs.

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