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X-Ray Food Foreign Object Detection Equipment to Solve the Hazard of Foreign Body

Sep. 24, 2020

We all encounter foreign bodies in food in our daily lives. Now we is paying more and more attention to food safety. If metal foreign bodies are eaten in packaged foods, consumer complaints will affect manufacturers, so in food In production, such as a canned food production line, how can we avoid metal foreign bodies being mixed in cans? The answer is that the use of X-ray foreign object detection equipment can effectively reduce the risk of foreign bodies in food. 

Classification of foreign objects:

Foreign matter in the product itself: foreign matter in the product itself, all foreign matter in the product itself that cannot be accepted by the customer, such as paste residue, hard fish bones, etc.

Foreign objects: metal, glass, gravel, hair, thread wool, paper scraps, wood chips, plastic, paper scraps, glove leather, and other items other than this food.

Foreign bodies are divided into endogenous and exogenous. Next, let’s talk about the hazards of foreign bodies:

Endogenous foreign body:

The raw materials and auxiliary materials contained in the product, but the substances that the product requires to be eliminated are called, such as bones in meat;

Endogenous foreign bodies and exogenous foreign bodies are relative, not absolute.

For food, non-processing requirements or visible substances that should not be contained according to product standards can be called foreign bodies.

Hazards of foreign objects:

As long as the items are inside the workshop, they may become foreign objects in the product. There are many possible sources of these foreign objects, such as workshop signs or tools, equipment, and equipment that are easy to fall off and easy to lose.

There are potential safety hazards, such as metal foreign objects of appropriate size, broken glass, wooden blocks, stones, bones, which may damage customers’ teeth, scratch or jam customers’ mouths and throats; foreign objects containing chemicals, or chemicals that directly contaminate food, It may cause discomfort to the human body and even poisoning.

Foreign body control requires a combination of hardware and management, focusing on prevention in order to minimize the possibility of mixing-that is, focusing on reducing sources, inspection (manual selection), detection (metal detector, X-ray machine, etc.) auxiliary.

The above information is provide by X-ray inspection system manufacturer.

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